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Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Yulee Family Dentistry, we believe that even necessary dentistry can be beautiful. We offer tooth-colored restorations to repair and protect teeth after decay.

What Is Dental Decay?

One of the most common preventable diseases, dental decay affects about 95% of people by the time they reach adulthood, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Decay is a deterioration of the tooth caused by bacteria. Bacteria create an acidic environment in the mouth that softens the protective enamel layer of your tooth. Certain beverages and foods, like soda, diet soda, and sugary and starchy snacks, all contribute to bacterial growth by providing necessary fuel.

Preventing Dental Decay

Fluoride, found in toothpastes and in our municipal water, helps to strengthen enamel and prevent decay, but without proper home care, these sources of fluoride are not enough to eliminate decay altogether.

Brushing twice daily, using proper techniques, and flossing daily help to minimize bacteria, eliminate food particles, and protect your gums from infection. Regular dental cleanings remove residual tartar and bacteria from places your toothbrush alone cannot reach.

Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings

Despite our best efforts, many patients will find themselves in need of a filling at some point during their lives. Dr. Gordon opts to use strong composite to fill your cavities so your teeth last longer and look natural. We use high-quality materials that are both esthetic and long-lasting.

As with all dental treatment, Dr. Gordon makes your comfort a top priority. His gentle approach to dental care is something our patients truly appreciate.

Composite, a BPA-free plastic material, comes in a variety of shades that we can match to your natural teeth. Once Dr. Gordon gently removes decay and bacteria from your tooth, he will fill it with composite in layers and shape it to your natural tooth. 

In addition to being attractive, composite allows us to leave your healthy tooth structure intact and remove only diseased areas. Old amalgam fillings required the removal of more tooth structure in order to be effective.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Small flaws in your teeth such as gaps, chips, or irregularities can often be repaired with composite material. Since we add to your existing tooth structure, it is an easy and non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your smile. We will match the shade to your natural tooth, giving your smile a seamless appearance.

Dental bonding is easy to perform in one dental office visit, making it an affordable alternative to cosmetic dentistry treatment.

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