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Invisalign Clear Braces

We love helping patients achieve a smile that gives them confidence in their appearance.

Many people do not have the opportunity to improve their smiles until they are adults, while others experience orthodontic relapse due to not wearing their retainers as religiously as is necessary to maintain orthodontics. Whatever your reason for considering improvement of the appearance of your smile, Yulee Family Dentistry can help.

Dr. Jonathan Gordon is Invisalign certified and provides our older teen and adult patients with an alternative to traditional orthodontics. For many adults, bracket-and-wire dentistry may not fit into their lifestyles. Additionally, if you have an active social life or a high-profile job, you may wish to have a more discreet option.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is an innovative way to gradually move teeth into a more esthetic position. Utilizing a series of clear aligner trays, constant pressure does the job that brackets and wires do – aligning your teeth, straightening your smile, and improving your appearance.

Your Invisalign Treatment

First, we take impressions and plan your orthodontic treatment based on your needs. Next, we send your impressions and treatment information to our Invisalign lab where they create your aligner trays. We will be able to estimate your treatment times so you can plan accordingly.

In most cases, we recommend wearing each set of aligner trays for approximately two weeks before switching to the next set. Wearing them for a total of about 22 hours each day will help you achieve results in a timely fashion.

During your treatment, you will have regular appointments at our Yulee, FL dental office to monitor your progress. Dr. Gordon will make any necessary adjustments to your treatment in order for you to stay on track. You will be able to see changes in your smile during treatment!

Once your treatment is complete, you will need to wear a retainer so that your teeth do not drift back to their original location. For most people, this means wearing it at night.

Benefits of Invisalign

Nearly invisible – Your clear aligner trays will be nearly invisible when you speak and smile. Most people will not even notice you are wearing them.

Removable – Keeping your teeth clean is easy with Invisalign because you remove the aligners when you eat as well as when you brush and floss your teeth. No special flossers or brushes will be necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular dental cleanings are essential to maintaining your oral health.

Comfortable – Because they are smooth, you will not have to worry about torn tissue inside your cheeks, as is common with brackets. Constant low-pressure force gradually moves your teeth without “tightening” appointments.

Contact Us to Learn More about Invisalign

If you want to improve your appearance or correct the alignment of your teeth without traditional orthodontics, contact our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!