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Digital Dental X-Rays

The best way to treat any dental condition is to stop it before it starts. Through preventive dentistry, patients are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever. A vital part of your preventive dental care routine is taking dental x-rays to monitor changes in your oral health.

Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Dental x-rays uncover information about your teeth that we cannot see with the naked eye alone. We use them to diagnose common dental conditions such as decay, infection, bone loss, and even cysts or tumors that might require attention.

When planning oral surgery, we can use digital imaging to locate biological landmarks such as sinuses so that we can provide the best treatment possible.

Dr. Gordon uses digital dental x-rays as part of your preventive dental care in order to diagnose conditions in their earliest stages when they are easiest to treat. Some conditions, such as decay, can silently worsen without any symptoms or signs. Digital x-rays allow us to restore your teeth quickly and help to prevent tooth loss.

Because we can easily and securely store your digital dental x-rays, they are available at Dr. Gordon’s fingertips so he can detect changes in your oral health over time and make recommendations for you to stay healthy.

Digital X-Ray Safety

Dental x-rays have always been among the safest x-rays used in medicine. Because we are capturing a relatively small area that has less density than other areas of the body, the radiation exposure is minimal. 

With the implementation of digital dental x-rays, we reduce the level of radiation exposure by 80-90 percent! You receive higher levels of radiation from the atmosphere than in the dental chair.

At Yulee Family Dentistry, we still use protective lead aprons and neck cuffs to further minimize exposure because your safety is one of our top priorities!

If you ever have questions about dental x-rays or have concerns about radiation levels, we will be happy to discuss those concerns so that you feel confident in the decisions you make regarding your health. 

Our Preventive Care – An Individual Approach

Patients often want to know how often they need dental x-rays to stay healthy. In some ways, that depends on your dental history – how many restorations you have, how prone you are to decay, and your overall dental health. Recommendations can vary patient to patient and range from several times a year to monitor a troubled tooth to every year or even every couple of years.

Dental decay can develop and spread quickly, so finding a balance between keeping you healthy and the right preventive dental care is a decision that you and Dr. Gordon can discuss. He will be happy to share information so that you can make the best decision regarding your oral health.

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