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CEREC Same-Day Restorations

At Yulee Family Dentistry, we have always valued giving our patients more accurate, comfortable, convenient, and long-lasting dental care whenever possible. Dr. Jonathan Gordon keeps his fingers on the pulse of the latest developments in modern dentistry and brings some of the most successful technology to our office so that we can continuously deliver the best dental care possible for our patients.

Because families in our community are busy enjoying life, we decided to offer CEREC same-day restorations so we can deliver high-quality dentistry without the wait – often weeks – associated with laboratory restorations.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stand for chairside economic restoration of esthetic ceramics. It is a fast and reliable method of creating restorations in our office during one visit using CAD/CAM – computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing.

We begin by taking a digital impression of your teeth using 3-D scanning software. This eliminates the need for gooey impressions that can be uncomfortable as well as easily distorted, giving us greater accuracy.

Once the information is downloaded into our software, we send it to our in-office milling machine to fabricate your restoration out of a single piece of durable ceramic.

Dr. Jonathan Gordon places the finishing touches by matching it to the shade of your natural teeth and seating it permanently in your mouth. Final adjustments to your restoration will ensure a comfortable fit and proper chewing surface.

Same-Day Dental Restoration Options

We can create a wide variety of restorations in one office visit. Some of them include:

Dental crowns – Dental crowns provide stability to a tooth that has cracked or has structural damage due to deep decay. We also use dental crowns to “build up” your bite for teeth that have heavy wear due to clenching and grinding.

Fixed dental bridges – Dental bridges fill in the gap in your smile when you lose a tooth due to damage, infection, or trauma. Two crowns on your healthy adjacent teeth hold an artificial tooth in place that keeps your teeth from shifting, giving you a complete, natural-looking smile!

Cosmetic veneers – When your teeth have deep stains, are worn due to clenching and grinding, or have a non-uniform appearance, veneers can give your smile a dramatic new appearance that can range from natural to celebrity style. A cosmetic evaluation and smile design can help us determine a look that will give you confidence and pride in your appearance.

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Our Yulee, FL dental team looks forward to making your smile and oral health our number one priority. Give us a call today to schedule your next dental appointment and learn how CEREC restorations can improve your health and appearance quickly and accurately!


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